Summer Smashers


School is out, the mercury is on the rise (finally) and we have a gloriously long summer ahead. At this point of the year we start to spruce up the BBQ, run down to the beach with a couple of tins, prepare the backyard for dinner parties and bask in the sunshine. There is nothing better than spending the entire weekend in the sun with some mates and a beer in your hand.

Although, not all beer styles drink well in the sun, that is not to say imperial stouts are banned from summer drinking, they are just more pleasant to drink in the winter. IPAs, pale ales, lagers, saisons, sours, goses, bright ales, golden ales and even the odd red ale are the styles that I will be leaning towards these holidays.

I don’t have access to every brewery in Australia unfortunately, there is not many people that do. However, in South Australia we are lucky enough to have access to a large selection of beers from interstate; they do tend to be the larger companies. On the other hand, South Australian drinkers can drink a large number of beers that can’t be found interstate, but that will always be the case. Having said this, here are some beers that I am looking forward to drinking this summer and a short list of beers that I would love to source at some point through out the summer (my new year’s resolution).

A hop bine found in the Adelaide Hills.

Wheaty: Wheaty Wheaty

  • 4.2 percent ABV Wheat.
  • Hoppy wheat beer showcasing the Enigma hop
  • Super clean and fresh
  • Session rating: Could drink heaps

Vale Brewing: Mid Coast

  • 3.5 percent ABV Bright Ale.
  • Clean, crisp and full of flavour
  • It has great body for a mid strength
  • Session rating: Could drink heaps

Pirate Life: IPA

  • 6.8 percent ABV IPA
  • Big, hoppy, resinous flavours
  • Well balanced and easily fits into the esky
  • Session rating: Could have three or four

Pikes 2015: Kriek

  • 7 percent ABV Cherry Kriek
  • Don’t let the ABV scare you away
  • Deliciously tart without being too sour
  • A great palette reset
  • Session rating: One or two

 Modus Operandi: Sonic Prayer

  • 6 percent ABV IPA
  • Grassy, piney hop bomb
  • Brilliantly balanced and just a super drink
  • Session rating: Could have about four or five

Modus Operandi: Former Tenant

  • 7.8 percent ABV Red Ale
  • Lovely caramel malt spine
  • Balanced with a clean hop aroma
  • Session rating: One or Two

Mismatch: Session Ale

  • 4 percent ABV Pale Ale
  • Florally, citrus hop aroma
  • Super easy drinking and full of flavour
  • Session rating: Could drink heaps

Little Bang: Uncommon Cloud

  • 6.5 percent ABV Saison
  • Herby, spice, banana aroma
  • Extremely refreshing
  • Session rating: Four or Five

Hop Nation: The Chop

  • 7 percent ABV
  • Grassy, piney, hop soup
  • Nice sweetness that is a little chewy
  • Session rating: One or two

Hawkers: Pilsner

  • 5 percent ABV Pilsner
  • A real ‘go to’ beer for me
  • Extremely clean and crisp
  • Session rating: Could drink heaps

Hack Brewing: Golden Ale

  • 4.5 percent ABV Golden Ale
  • Hard to get in SA (thanks for the delivery Chris)
  • Nice dryness, crisp and clean
  • Session rating: Could drink heaps

Fixation: IPA

  • 6.4 percent ABV IPA
  • Easier to find in Adelaide now
  • Just so well balanced
  • Pleasant hop aroma and bitterness
  • Session rating: Five or Six

Clare Valley: Red Ale

  • 5.2 percent ABV Red Ale
  • Revamped recipe
  • Lovely hop aroma
  • Caramel malt bill is delicious
  • Session rating: Four or five

Big Shed: Californicator

  • 7.5 percent ABV West Coast IPA
  • Could drink this one in every season
  • Thick and juicy
  • In your face bitterness that is balanced perfectly
  • Session rating: One or two

Big Shed: Jetty Jumper

  • 3.5 percent ABV Pale Ale
  • Nice biscuit malt bill
  • Gentle hop aroma and bitterness
  • A classic summer smasher
  • Session rating: Could stay on all day

Balter: XPA

  • 5 percent ABV XPA
  • More readily available in SA
  • Light and easy to drink
  • Great hop aroma and a gentle bitterness
  • Session rating: Could drink heaps

4 Pines: American Amber

  • 5.1 percent ABV Amber Ale
  • Extremely clean
  • Nice florally hop aroma
  • Toffee malt backs up the bitterness
  • Session rating: Four or Five
At Little Bang

To add to these great summer beers, I would love to have access to a few other breweries that I have been monitoring via social media.

Black Hops: These guys look like they have a great range of beers and I would love to import some to give them a try.

Hope Estate: Fresh off a big win at the Sydney Craft Beer Awards, Hope Estates’ tins look brilliant and I can’t wait to have a go.

Batch: I have had a few Batch beers before and every single one has been sensational. In particular, I love the MacBatch Wee Heavy and their West Coast IPA. I want more.

La Sirene: These guys are available in SA, but I am yet to see their new Urban Pale Ale around the traps. It has been given some great reviews and I would like to source some before the summer is out.

Sailors Grave: These guys have just popped up on a tap at the Franklin Hotel in Adelaide’s CBD but I would love to see more of them.  They have a sweet design on their tins also and I have heard great things about their gose.

Did I miss any of your summer favourites? Or is this exactly what you will be drinking this summer? Start the conversation, let me know what you love to drink in the sun.



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