Haaaaaave You Met……Lewis Maschmedt?

‘Haaaaaave you met’, shines a spotlight on the brewery owners, the brewers, venue managers, the beer pourers, the sales representatives, bottle shop workers and the beer drinkers of the SA craft beer industry. We will discover their inner secrets, find out what gets them out of bed in the morning and we might even unravel some exclusive news along the way. The hard questions have been asked, so you don’t have to. Enjoy!


Introducing Lewis Maschmedt, brewer and quality control officer at Pirate Life Brewing Company. Quality control is one of the tougher jobs in the industry, with the all taste testing and note writing. Lewis learnt his craft initially with Little Creatures before following Jack and Red to Adelaide. His interest include making great beer, skating and creating tie die t-shirts. Take a look at where he thinks the craft beer industry is headed.

Q1. Who are you and how are you involved in the SA beer industry?

 Lewis Maschmedt. I drive the brew kit down at Pirate Life Brewing in Adelaide.

 Q2. What are some of the great moments you have had whilst being involved in this industry?

 Working with other brewers and within the craft beer industry lends itself to countless good times.  The GABS Hottest 100 countdown on Australia Day last year when Pirate Life came away with 3 beers in the top 11 in our first year of operation was pretty cool.

 Q3. Predicting the future, what trends are coming in the near future for beer in Australia?

 I am hoping that interest in sours continues to grow in Australia because, as a brewer, they are good fun to play with but that will definitely take some time.  I can definitely see traditional European style beers (Pilsners, Saisons, Hefe’s) becoming more of a main stay especially during the warm weather.

 Q4. What is your favourite beer style and how did this come to be?

Always a bit of a loaded question because it’s so dependent on the time of the year or where I am.  However if I had to drink one beer for the rest of my life it would be a West Coast Pale Ale.  I fell in love with beer living in the Pacific Northwest and as a result have always and will always love a well brewed, hoppy Pale Ale.

 Q5. Where is one place that you would love to see good beer served?

 I am pretty sure that everyone has said sporting events – I definitely agree with that sentiment.  Recently music festivals are starting to turn the tide on the craft beer front which is good to see.  Oh and any of the late night Chinese joints down on Gouger Street, I can only drink so much Tsingtao.

 Q6. Do you have any exciting news you can share with me? Maybe about future plans, collaborations or anything new?

 If you keep up to date with Pirate Life you would know that there is always more going on than I could list on a single page let alone a single paragraph.  We have smoked figs inside barrels here at the brewery which is certainly one of the more interesting combos we have ever toyed with.  We also locked in a really cool artist to paint another wall here at the brewery early next year so I am pumped to see what he comes up with.

 Q7. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

 This morning it was mosquitoes at about 4am but most other days it’s the voices in my head.

 Q8. Do you dream about beer? If so, what is your most memorable dream about beer?

 I can’t say I dream about beer in my sleep which is probably a good thing as I spend most of my day thinking about brewing the stuff.  I do occasionally day dream about the Howe Sound King Heffy which I used to drink when I lived in Vancouver.  7.7% Imperial Hefeweizen… Enough said.

 Q9. What is your favourite season for beer drinking? Why?

 That’s easy: Winter. Stouts.

 Q10. If you could choose any profession, what would it be? Why?

 Brewing is pretty good but I have always been jealous of anyone lucky enough to surf, skate or snowboard for a living.

I don’t believe I have had a beer with smoked figs before, so that should be an interesting one. There is always the Coffee and Fig stout from Epic which is generally a cracking beer. It seems that Lewis is big fan of his Hefes and it is true that Tsingtao can become a little repetitive after about two. Thanks Lewis for participating and giving us an insight into Pirate Life’s inner workings. Next week we will feature one of the very few female brewers in the industry; Jessica Walker also from Pirate Life.

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