Haaaaaave You Met……Brad Bown?

‘Haaaaaave you met’, shines a spotlight on the brewery owners, the brewers, venue managers, the beer pourers, the sales representatives, bottle shop workers and the beer drinkers of the SA craft beer industry. We will discover their inner secrets, find out what gets them out of bed in the morning and we might even unravel some exclusive news along the way. The hard questions have been asked, so you don’t have to. Enjoy!

Brad-leftbarrel copy_1.jpg

From award winning home brewer to owner of his own beer label, Left Barrel Brewing. Brad Bown is left handed and loves adding his beer to barrels and that is where the name came from. Left Barrel beers are slightly different to your standard pale ale, as Brad loves to use the Brettanomyces strain of yeast. Anyway, onto the questions.

Q1. Who are you and how are you involved in the SA beer industry?

Owner and brewer at Left Barrel Brewing in Balhannah, Adelaide Hills.

 Q2. What are some of the great moments you have had whilst being involved in this industry?

Pouring beers for the Little Bang guys at the Beer and BBQ festival in 2016. Seeing my own beers on tap at various craft beer venues after a lot of hard work is very rewarding, as are the positive comments from the craft beer community. Pouring my beers at ‘Fork on the Road’ and other festival events.

And overall, the support from other brewers in the last 18 months from planning right through to now producing craft beer for the great crafty venues in and around Adelaide. We are a great group of like minded people.

 Q3. Predicting the future, what trends are coming in the near future for beer in Australia?

An increase in craft beer focus and more people trying craft beers.

 Q4. What is your favourite beer style and how did this come to be?

Sour and farmhouse beers. My all time favourite beer is a Rodenbach Grand Cru. Just the complexity present in the Grand Cru – foeder (a wooden upright fermenter) fermentation, the resulting bacteria and yeast dimension, the skilled blending by the brewer, results in a beer with great character. The ‘left of centre’ characteristics of the beer style are very appealing, bringing in sourness, sweet malt notes, some funk, brett, etc…

 Q5. Where is one place that you would love to see good beer served?

Adelaide Oval, Music Festivals (and surely we can bring back Soundwave – or its equivalent!)

 Q6. Do you have any exciting news you can share with me? Maybe about future plans, collaborations or anything new?

Superbowl Monday 2017 we have our first collaboration with Little Bang Brewing, launching our ‘Sleazy American Wheat Beer’ from 9am. Ryan, Fil and I will be pouring beers from 9am at Little Bang in Stepney. Should be a cracking day. All are welcome. Our tap list for this years’ Beer and BBQ festival in July is taking shape, some yet to be seen Left Barrel beers will be launched at this event (think sours, stouts, etc).

I’m also looking for a potential cellar door venue – somewhere near home in the Adelaide Hills.

 Q7. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The brewcat walking around the bed whilst meowing…

 Q8. Do you dream about beer? If so, what is your most memorable dream about beer?

More likely beer planning is keeping me awake with all the things I want Left Barrel to become!

 Q9. What is your favourite season for beer drinking? Why?

Any day, any season, as long as it’s a tasty beer. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a stout in summer.

 Q10. If you could choose any profession, what would it be? Why?

Brewing is definitely a passion of mine, so I’m following that right now.

Brad is good friends with the Little Bang Brewing guys and it is great to see collaboration beers being made between brewing labels. I personally am looking forward to some of Left Barrel’s barrel aged creations that Brad has promised will be ready for the Adelaide Beer and BBQ Festival. Thanks Brad. Who knows who I will feature next week, let’s see what I can conjure up in a week. Cheers.

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