Haaaaaave You Met……Simon Sellick?

‘Haaaaaave you met’, shines a spotlight on the brewery owners, the brewers, venue managers, the beer pourers, the sales representatives, bottle shop workers and the beer drinkers of the SA craft beer industry. We will discover their inner secrets, find out what gets them out of bed in the morning and we might even unravel some exclusive news along the way. The hard questions have been asked, so you don’t have to. Enjoy!

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Say hello to Simon Sellick from BrewBoys Brewing Company on Regency Road. Simon is a racing car fanatic and on the odd occasion, will brew a beer for a car event or two. Some of the better known beers made by Simon are his Maiden Ale, the Seeing Double Scotch Ale, Hoppapotamus and the Ace of Spades Stout. Have a read and find out a little more about Simon.

Q1. Who are you and how are you involved in the SA beer industry?

Simon Sellick.  I have been commercial brewing since 2000.

 Q2. What are some of the great moments you have had whilst being involved in this industry?

I brewed the Australian International stout Champion in 2002, whilst being the brewer for the Port Dock Brewery hotel. I brewed in 6 different breweries whilst setting up Brewboys, that was a great learning curve.

 Q3. Predicting the future, what trends are coming in the near future for beer in Australia?

Well, as we closely relate to the trends in America, lets just see what happens? I`m somewhat of a purist and do enjoy my traditional styles along with the occasional crazy beer! 

Q4. What is your favourite beer style and how did this come to be?

This question always pisses me off!  As being a brewer and drinking beer for over 2 decades, I really don’t have a favourite, and as I say to my customers when asked, it depends on my mood and of course the season (seasons and temperature has a lot to do with choices in my glass). Just like your favourite dinner if you had it all the time you`d soon get sick of it! Favourites/trends always change and I really don’t want to be labelled as a one trick/style pony.  I have  been known to drink a West Wnd at a local SANFL game with my mates and completely enjoy it.

Q5. Where is one place that you would love to see good beer served?

I don’t get to go out that often, but find if I`m out for dinner, I like to have a refreshing beer as an aperitif, just to get the stomach juices on the go and the conversation relaxed.

Q6. Do you have any exciting news you can share with me? Maybe about future plans, collaborations or anything new?

I will produce an imperial stout to follow our Ace of Spades and probably oak it.

Q7. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

A need to earn money to pay the bills, and of course I`m a tooth man and love my tucker.

Q8. Do you dream about beer? If so, what is your most memorable dream about beer?

No never, when you drink, dreams often don’t last to remember.  If any, they will be about the drama of not paying my malt or hops supplier on time.

Q9. What is your favourite season for beer drinking? Why?

Every season has a favourite, but mostly I enjoy drinking beers when the temperature hovers around 25 degrees Celcius, so I don’t get dehydrated, and can drink them all!

Q10. If you could choose any profession, what would it be? Why?

Just a brewer, no front of house, no customers, no drama`s.

One thing you find out after having a conversation with Simon, is that he tells it how he sees it, in a good way of course. As much as he doesn’t seem to like running a front of house, his is excellent; decked out with beer and car paraphernalia. Every time I have been there, I have tasted something new on tap and he will tell me his plans for his next creation. I can not wait for winter this year after hearing about that oak stout, as I am already a fan of the Ace of Spades. Thanks Simon for your time.

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