Haaaaaave You Met……Will Wilson?

‘Haaaaaave you met’, shines a spotlight on the brewery owners, the brewers, venue managers, the beer pourers, the sales representatives, bottle shop workers and the beer drinkers of the SA craft beer industry. We will discover their inner secrets, find out what gets them out of bed in the morning and we might even unravel some exclusive news along the way. The hard questions have been asked, so you don’t have to. Enjoy!


Say hello to Will Wilson. Will has been around the traps in the craft beer world for quite some time now. When I first met him, he was the venue manager at the Archer Hotel, then he moved to manage the Royal Oak down the road. Now-a-days he resides with the good men at Big Shed Brewing company running their front of house at the brewery and at Westside Massive in Semaphore.

Q1. Who are you and how are you involved in the SA beer industry?

Will Wilson; Front of house guy/beer wookiee for Westside Massive & Big Shed Brewing Concern.

Q2. What are some of the great moments you have had whilst being involved in this industry?

The first would be about nine months ago, I had a missed phone call whilst in a meeting with my then boss , seven minutes later I was part of the BSBC family.

When people say you must be “living the dream” I can honestly say that I am.

Being able to work with such a great bunch of people from production through to my team at the Massive is a privilege, it’s very rare these days to know your bosses, let alone like them.

Also literally handing someone a frothy you had input into across the bar and getting their feedback.

Q3. Predicting the future, what trends are coming in the near future for beer in Australia?

I’m not good with trends, I still wear cut-off army camos and sleeveless Megadeth t-shirts.

I don’t think there will be many game changers but I think the collaboration is going to go from strength to strength.

The “we did an IPA with …” is a bit passed now-a-days, I think the hybrid brews will start coming through as brewers explore their techniques; I think we’ll see that shine through with some really interesting stuff. Current trends are the sours (kettle or otherwise) and lower alc. and sharp flavours, short term this is in, come winter it will be all hands on deck for barrel and imperial.

Q4. What is your favourite beer style and how did this come to be?

I’m gonna say Pale Ale as a general response, any and all. I currently prefer up front tropical to malts but pretty sure that will change again next week.

Q5. Where is one place that you would love to see good beer served?

This is a bit thrashed, but sporting grounds, flights and a pub near where I live.

Q6. Do you have any exciting news you can share with me? Maybe about future plans, collaborations or anything new?

So many activities and pretty much can’t tell you about any of them.

BSBC: We have some exciting stuff coming from the shed over the next few months, that is pretty much all I can say about that.

WSM: It’s a very organic venue in such that it is always changing, we are just working through some things now. Keep an eye on our FB page for updates. That’s all I can say.

Q7. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Actually, enjoying my job, I can now get up at 7am instead of starting work at 7am. It’s surprising how motivated you can get when you like doing something.

Q8. Do you dream about beer? If so, what is your most memorable dream about beer?

I do not dream about beer but that is not say it’s not in my dreams.

Q9. What is your favourite season for beer drinking? Why?

All year round, I’ve been in hospo for 20+ years so I have mostly seen beers in my hand after 2am and the weather is a constant 23 degrees for me inside a bar so the style generally doesn’t have to alter. These days happy to sample whatever is seasonal as most breweries have something delicious on the go that is fixing my habit.

Q10. If you could choose any profession, what would it be? Why?

Beer Blog Writer? Sounds pretty cushy from here =D

I think I’m in it now to be honest! I get to look at beer, sell beer, talk about beer, I get food cooked for me, I get to hang out with mates, I get to see people be happy with stuff that makes me happy and get paid for it!

It’s not a job if you enjoy it right!

Jason and Craig from Big Shed may be bombarded with some phone calls with people wanting jobs after these admissions. It does seem that their venues are fun exciting places to work and it is great to see someone enjoy their job so much. Thanks Will for your time and your great answers.

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