Left Barrel Launches into Bottles

RockyRye copy.jpg
Rocky Rye Pale Ale Label Art

Brad Bown and Left Barrel Brewing’s journey started where a lot of other beer stories start, as a home brewer. With Brad, the procession was swift and was fuelled by a love for brewing beer. He started as they are all do, brewing with tins of malt extract which then progressed quickly to a mash brewing course at TAFE. He brewed for friend’s parties and won awards at local and interstate home brew competitions. Brad was hooked and the thirst to brew different style soon hit centre stage. From here, a suspect batch of schwarzbier lead to Brad adding in a lambic yeast to rescue the beer. This intrigued Brad and he quickly began barrel aging, souring and experimenting with a variety of yeast. In particular, Brad fancied the Brettanomyces strain and quickly whipped up a variety of different recipes.

Fast forward to 2016, where Brad and his Left Barrel Brewing label launch into Adelaide’s craft beer scene. Pay Hoppage Brett IPA, Hazy Dayz IPA, Sour Puss Berliner, Pay Hoppage Triple IPA, Ambiorix Belgian Pale, Krismas Kolsch and Rocky Rye Pale Ale were all poured in the space of four months from opening. The latter, Rocky Rye Pale Ale, experienced instant success, pouring at several venues over SA and falling into favouritism with craft beer drinkers.

The next logical step for Brad and his Left Barrel Brewing Company was to bottle this beer for people to drink in the comfort of their own homes. Friday 28th April 2017 sees the introduction of these bottles into the market. Sturt Street Cellars plays host to the party starting at 5:00pm and Brad has a few other beers on tap to help whet your whistle. Takeaway bottles of Rocky Rye will also be available.

What can you expect from this beer?

Pale golden in colour with a definite haze from the Brettanomyces yeast. A thick fluffy head, which is synonymous with Belgium style beers.  Subtle yeasty esters make up the bulk of the aroma. A full flavoured pale then ensues, with a gentle hit of spice from the use of rye. The yeast flavours are there but not over powering. A good whack of bitter follows through on the end that has been balanced nicely.

Congratulations Brad Bown for sending your first bottles out into the world and the success you have had thus far. Who is ready for a wild yeast party?


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