The third annual Adelaide Beer and BBQ Festival is just around the corner and it is time to ask for your help. At the festival, I will be hosting two events on Saturday between 1pm and 3pm. The first event is an education on the different types of grains and hops that are used in beers and the second will involve asking questions to some of the brewers.

What do I need from my readers? I want you all to come up with the questions that I ask the brewers. You could ask about the beer making process, you could ask about marketing beer, or maybe how to become a brewer, or your question could be a little left field. This is your chance to ask those burning questions to five successful brewing companies.

The brewing companies that will join me on the stage are, Modus Operandi, Green Beacon, Left Barrel, Smiling Samoyed and one more to be announced. To submit a question, simply email me on thecraftbeerking@gmail.com or comment on the article.  All questions will need to be submitted by Thursday 27th of July.

I look forward to reading what questions my readers can conjure up.

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