What’s Happening in SA: Issue #1


Struggling to keep up with the new beers, craft beer events, launching labels and general South Australian Craft Beer news? Introducing ‘What’s Happening in SA’, a monthly wrap up to keep the drinkers informed.


All SA craft beer events can be accessed via the events page for more detail, however, here is a simple run down of some events coming up. In order of date.

The Suburban Brew Showcasing @ Sturt Street Cellars

Beer Battles, CVBC V Fox Hat @ Royal Oak

World Beard Day @ Royal Oak

Beers with the Ol Man @ Big Shed

Iron Brewer Competition- Stouts @ Sweet Amber

Zwanze Day @ NOLA

Ferment the Festival @ Rundle Park

 Events Hosted By ME:  The Iron Brewer Competition is a blind tasting of four South Australian Stouts. I will run drinkers through the appearance, aroma, flavour, mouthfeel and other beer judging techniques. A demonstration on how beer is judged will be given and punters will then judge their beers. After drinking the fours stouts, one will reign supreme. Who will win? For tickets visit in store. Thursday 14th September at Sweet Amber Brew Café.

Barossa Gourmet Weekend: There are two notable beer events at a festival that is advertised as a food and wine festival. Barossa Valley Brewing Company play host to their ‘Beer V Wine Degustation’ dinner. This dinner sees wine poured alongside beer to see which is preferred on the night. Barossa Valley Brewers take over the taps at Steins Taphouse, with the likes of Greenock, Western Ridge, Rehn Bier and Ministry of Beer supplying the drinks. Pouring all weekend, some of the highlights will be Ministry’s sours, Rehn Bier’s Foreign Extra Stout, Greenock’s Dark Ale and Western Ridge’s 20k version 2 beer.

New Beers:

Wheaty Brewing Corps: Yet another new beer and yet another new collaboration from IBA’s champion small brewery. A collaboration with Tasmanian’s Van Diemen’s brewing and Hobart Brewing Co, an Ice Coffee style ‘White Stout’ is the final product, launching on Wednesday 6th September at the Wheaty alongside a Tasmanian invasion.

Suburban Brew: Straight off the back of their successful Black IPA launch, Suburban are hitting the shelves hard with another timely release; this time an ESB.

Vale: Not necessarily a new beer but new to cans. The Knee Slapper Pilsner took out the best lager category at the Adelaide Beer and Cider awards in 2017.

Western Ridge: Version 2 of ‘20k’ will launch at the Barossa Gourmet festival this weekend. The 20k refers to all the ingredients for the beer being sourced within a 20 kilometre radius of their brewery. Version 2 is said to be drier and slightly more carbonated after receiving feedback from their first batch.

South Australian Craft Beer News

 Forktree: Forktree brewer Ben Hatcher was back at the TAFE brewery this week, bottling and kegging the second batch of their Southern Sunrise Ale. Progress is also being made weekly on their own brewery on Forktree Road in Carrickalinga.

 Beer Garden’s Weezale: In honour of local band ‘Weezil’s’ debut album, Beer Garden in Port Lincoln have brewed a beer; with musical assistance, of course.  An amber ale that will be a very limited release, launching on Sunday 17th September.

Big Shed Launch New Brewers Series: In order to keep things super interesting for the brewers at Big Shed, they have decided to launch their new ‘Brewer’s Series’. One off beers that will be bottled to send into the outside world. The first beer to be released into the wild is the Bare Bones Stout, a traditionally dry stout that uses an Irish ale yeast. Brewer Damon ‘Mad Dog’ Nott is chomping at the bit to release some of his own recipes to the thirsty punters.

Fountain of Hoppiness:  The lupin hits the Wheatsheaf Hotel for the entire month of September, as the hoppy beers take over the taps. A fountain of IPAs, pale ales and even hoppy sours will delight drinkers across 6 of their 13 taps. First up is 8 Wired, Liberty, Green Beacon, Modus Operandi, Pirate Life and Wheaty Brewing Corps.

New Labels

Hobo Brewing Company officially launched on Monday 28th August at the Archer Hotel, with four core range beers. The new label owned by Bickfords Beverage Company, helps support the weary traveler with a Mid-IPA, a Session Ale, a Pale Ale and an American Pale Ale. The independently owned family business has invested in a 1000L brewhouse system and is brewing out of their Salisbury building. Three brewers are in charge of the brewing and logistics, including a master brewer who has had experience at Henienken and West End. The beers will be distributed nationwide in early September.

The plan is to update my audience with a summary of the South Australia’s craft beer happenings, once a month. As much as I try my hardest to keep up with everything that is going on, I miss some things. Please feel free to email through items that I have missed or information for my next wrap up. If we all support each other, the South Australian craft beer industry can grow to be the best in the country. Cheers

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    This is a great wrap up Matt, cheers.


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