Spring Sippers


We have made it, spring has sprung and another bitter cold winter has bit the dust. The butt groove that has been expertly etched in the couch can begin to unfold, ladies can finally shave their legs and we can all feel the warm sting from the sun again. It is a magical time of the year and personally my favourite season, especially for beer drinking. The days are warm which lends itself to lighter coloured beers and some of the nights are still on the crisp side, bringing the darker, maltier beers back into the fray. Here are just some of the South Australian beers that will be my go to this spring.

Barossa Valley: Hop Heaven

  • 4.8 percent IPA
  • Easy drinking but still full of flavour
  • Could have a session on them

Beer Garden Brewing: Original Sin

  • 5.2 percent Coffee Stout
  • Loads of coffee
  • Creamy and silky smooth

Big Shed: Brewers Series

  • A variety of recipes concocted by brewer Mad Dog
  • First beer is an Irish Stout called Bare Bones
  • All new beers will be bottled

Fox Hat: Red Pelt

  • 7.8 percent red IPA
  • Rich and malty with a full-on bitterness
  • The best of both worlds, with hops and caramel malts

Left Barrel: Pellicosis Gold

  • 6.5 percent Golden Sour
  • Oak Barrel fermented using native yeasts and bacteria
  • A palate reset

Little Bang: Scratchy Vinyl

  • 6 percent Black IPA
  • Freshly bottled new batch
  • A slight smokiness, hops and roast malts

Lobethal: Lisa

  • 5 percent German Kolsch
  • Infused with fennel and orange peel
  • Deliciously refreshing

Pirate Life: Pale Ale

  • 5.4 percent Pale Ale
  • A go to beer
  • West Coast style, fully loaded with hops

Smiling Samoyed: Dark Ale

  • 4.3 percent Dark Ale
  • Nutty and chocolate flavours
  • Best beer in show two years in a row (Adelaide Beer and Cider Awards)

Wheaty Brewing Corps: Black Pils

  • 5.1 percent Black Pilsner
  • Chocolate, coffee, roast
  • A clean dark pilsner


A large array of different styles and all the colours of the beer spectrum, that is what I will be drinking this spring. A perfect mix of sessionable slammers and slow sippers. What is everyone else drinking this spring?

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