What’s Happening in SA: Issue #2


After receiving an incredibly great response from the first ‘What’s Happening’ issue, this issue is loaded even more with events, new beers and craft beer happenings in SA. Remember, if you have something that you think fits the parameters of this newsletter style post, please email the details through to me at thecraftbeerking@gmail.com. Let’s begin.


All SA craft beer events can be accessed via the events page for more detail, however, here is a simple run down of some events coming up. In order of date.

Taco Cat @ Little Bang

State Amateur Brewers Presentation @ Wheatsheaf Hotel

Clare Valley Tap Showecase @ Sturt Street Cellars

Zwanze Day @ NOLA

Fork Your Eyes Unley @ Goodwood Orphanage Park

The Chef’s Table featuring Mismatch and Big Shed @ Stirling Hotel

Mountain Goat’s 20th Birthday @ The Gilbert Street Hotel

Ferment the Festival @ Rymil Park

 Iron Brewer Summary: The first ‘Iron Brewer Competition’ at Sweet Amber Brew Café took place on Thursday 14th September. Four South Australian stouts were judged by the punters and the Fox Hat Phat Mongrel came out on top, closely followed by the Clare Valley Stout. Drinkers were very inquisitive and asked a lot of questions about judging a beer and the beer making process. Dane plans to hold similar events seasonally, with pale ales the next style up to battle.

New Beers:

Sweet Amber Cleansing Ale: News coming out of Sweet Amber this week, is that they are looking for a head brewer as their own brewery begins production in late 2017 and they are hoping to be pouring beers in January 2018. The cleansing ale is a light style pale ale, easy to drink quite a few of.

Pikes Merica Pale:  Little information at this stage but one would assume this pale ale is loaded with American style hops.

Fox Hat Full Mongrel: A beefed up version of their Phat Mongrel, the Full Mongrel has been canned up and shipped out all over SA.

Little Bang: These guys have a few new things going on at their cellar door and in bottles and cans. Firstly, the Chateau du Meau Faux, a golden Belgium ale registering at 9.9 percent, was originally meant to be a collaboration with Victorian brewery Moon Dog. However, the base beer turned out way better than they thought and they decided not to mess around with it any further. Everyone’s favourite ‘Scratchy Vinyl’ Black IPA has been bottled up and is tasting fresh. The ‘Naked Objector’ West Coast IPA has been canned and has also hit the shelves across SA. This one has a great background story; basically, when NOLA were attempting to open their doors in Vardon Avenue in the city, they had an objection from a guy who liked to sit on his patio naked and do work. This meant that NOLA had to put in some block out blinds and The Naked Objector was born.

Prancing Pony Indie Kit Pilsner: Frank and Corinna has yet again reached into their German bag of tricks to release a new pilsner, launching soon.

Pirate Life Ballast Point Cans: A slightly new recipe (more finger limes) and the first time in a can, this strong pale ale is available now and with some impressive art work.

Left Barrel: Limited information so far but the next seasonal release has been heavily dry hopped.

Sparkke New England: A juicy, hazy 4.5 percent beer that has been dry hopped twice creating a tropical and fruity taste. Out soon in a can with the message ‘What’s Planet B?’, a conversation starter about climate change.

Clare Valley: These guys have quite a few things going on at the moment as well. Dan Dainton was in town recently to help launch a collaboration, an 11 percent Black Forest Russian Imperial Stout that has spent some time in barrels with cherries. Whilst in town, Dan will travel to Clare to put down another collaboration beer. Clare Valley will also release a Red IPA in bottles, in keeping with their limited release program and a core range IPA, that will be rolled out as of Thursday 21st September 2017.

South Australian Craft Beer News

Coopers: Another family member has joined the business, with Andrew Cooper taking on the National account manager at the distribution side of the business.

Mismatch: The cans that will host their new lager have arrived and will be out in stores soon. Mismatch had a few arrivals this week, including their brewery at their new home in Nairne in the hills.

Forktree: Ben Hatcher has finally received his final development approval, meaning that he can now begin to put the final touches on his own brewery in Carrickalinga.

Pirate Life: As usual, Pirate Life have quite a few things going on. Recently, the Beer Cartel conducted an Australian wide survey and the Pirates were voted as the best brewery in Australia, edging out Feral and Balter. The successes keep coming for Pirate Life, picking up the best brewery in Oceania award at the International Beer Challenge. Finally, new CEO John Pinney has started work, leaving previous CEO MC to concentrate on overseas sales and branding.

New Reps: Three South Australian beer drinkers earn a position selling beer for different companies in SA. Rod Warneke will be selling beers for ExperiencIT, who have a large portfolio including Nomad in Australia, TOOL in Denmark, Stone in America and Deep Creak from NZ, just to name a few. Adam Stuckey has secured the much sort after job from Moon Dog and has already started spreading their beers around. Rose Paino will be selling Queensland’s Green Beacon to the fine people of SA.

I will be travelling to Japan at the end of September to check out the craft beer scene (and a few other sites), so if you have any suggestions, please fire them through. I will try keep my site updated with a few pieces but to follow my travel adventure, follow me on Instagram @the_craftbeerking.

The plan is to update my audience with a summary of the South Australia’s craft beer happenings, once a month. Again, as much as I try my hardest to keep up with everything that is going on, I miss some things. Please feel free to email through items that I have missed or information for my next wrap up. If we all support each other, the South Australian craft beer industry can grow to be the best in the country. Cheers

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