What’s Happening in SA: Issue #9


It has been too long between editions, which means that there is heaps of new content to share with you all. We have breweries for sale, breweries sold, pubs for sale, heaps of new beers and heaps of events.

Remember, if you have something that you think fits the parameters of this newsletter style post, please email the details through to me at thecraftbeerking@gmail.com. Let’s begin.


All SA craft beer events can be accessed via the events page for more details however, here is a simple run down of some events coming up. In order of date.

Anzac Day @ The Gilbert Street Hotel

Wet Hop Showcase @ The Wheatsheaf Hotel

Harry’s Bucks Night @ The Gilbert Street Hotel

Swing’n Lizards Jazz Night @ Shifty Lizard

Launchiversay 3 @ Little Bang

Young Offenders + Young Henrys @ West Thebby Social

Good Beer Wheaty @ The Wheatsheaf Hotel

Brewhouse Blues @ Pikes

Exit Brewing SA Launch @ West Thebby Social

Wheaty Turns 15 @ The Wheatsheaf Hotel

Ark Beer and Cider Festival @ Arkaba

Adelaide Beer and BBQ @ Wayville

Stout Blind Tasting: My next event that I am hosting, will be a part of Good Beer Wheaty. On Sunday 13th May, I will host a competitive blind tasting of South Australian stouts. Tickets will be on sale soon, get in earlier to avoid disappointment. 

New Beers:

Left Barrel: Two new beers to introduce from Brad and his Adelaide Hills brewery. A Belgium Dubbel called ‘For Whom Dubbel Tolls.’ A 7 percenter that launched at the recent Fork in the Road festival. Cerberus is the second new release, a 9.3 percent barley wine that looks a little lighter than most but tastes rich and silky.

Pirate Life: Probably not a new beer, as it was pouring at their cellar door as a one off batch some time ago but the Pirates release their Nelson Pilsner in cans, accompanied with some sweet art work.

Little Bang: Schwang!!! A tangerine sour that takes on a white wine like appearance. Light, refreshing and slightly tangy. Launched with a comical Facebook advertising campaign with random enticing images and quotes such as “for a hard earned Schwang” and “when there’s nothing left to Schwang…. Choose Schwang.” A new world pilsner also graces the taps, a traditional pilsner malt base with new world hops, Mosaic, Motueka and Victoria Secret.

Barossa Valley: The crew from the Barossa have launched a Wet Hop NEIPA using fresh hops from the Adelaide Hills. This beer got the keg and can treatment and is super limited in stock.

Goodiesons: Continuing to add new beers to their line up regularly, the Goodieson family launches a Cherry Stout and a Chocolate Stout with Bracegirdles chocolate.

Robe Town: The Pink Moon is Robe Town’s Winter release. An XPA fermented using a brettanomyces yeast aged in Merlot barrels. At 9 percent ABV, this one looks like it will be a winter favourite for all.

Libation Army: Continuing on with the interesting name selection for his beers, Marco from Liabation Army has just released ‘Fluffy Jeff’; a white IPA. A super hazy, juicy IPA, with fresh tropical, mango aromas and flavours.

Lady Burra: Another fresh hop beer, this time James from Lady Burra has used 40kg of fresh hops from Tasmania in an IPA and should be on tap now.

Beer Garden: In collaboration with the local SALT Festival, a SALTY Session Ale has been brewed to be served at the festival. A mid-strength (3.5 percent) Australian Pale Ale dry hopped with Galaxy.

Big Shed: Another ‘Brewer’s Series’ beer has made its way out into the market. This time the brewers in the Big Shed have whipped up a batch of Belgium Cookies. A Belgium style stout, with huge Belgium yeasty aromas, a touch of chocolate and a sweet finish.

Smiling Samoyed: The Smiling Samoyeds have also teamed up with an Adelaide Hills hop producer, creating a SA Harvest Ale. This year’s version has also been given the bottle treatment.

Western Ridge: One more fresh hop beer to mention, this time from the men at Western Ridge in the Barossa. A Fresh Hop Harvest Ale, brewed Adelaide Hills hops and Barossa Valley Craft malt.

GABS BEERS: It is that time of year again, where brewers lick their lips and crank out something a little bit weird and different. A total of 13 South Australian Craft Breweries have entered this year. In alphabetical order: Barossa Valley, a 10 percent Christmas spiced Stout. Beer Garden, 7.5 percent Oyster Stout using Angasi Coffin Bay oysters. Big Shed, a 6 percent NEIPA replicating a Frosty Fruit ice block. Fox Hat, a 7 percent American Wheat beer with Adelaide Hill strawberries added. Libation Army, a peach Irish-style dry stout with a touch of Amaretto. Little Bang,  a 20.2 percent Sasquoctopus, a freeze distilled version of their much loved Glactopus. Ministry of Beer, a kettle soured fruit (passion fruit) beer using Galaxy and Mosaic to create a beer version of Passion Pop. Mismatch, a kettle soured strawberry, vanilla tart with real strawberries and lactose. Pikes, choc hazelnut porter with a serious nutty aroma. Pirate Life, a big Belgium Blonde ale brewed with Amaro Montenegro, an Italian herb liqueur. Prancing Pony, a 6.6 percent NEIPA brewed using malt, water, hops and yeast. Shifty Lizard, an ESB base infused with edible crickets.  Wheaty, teaming up with Hawkers (VIC) and Liberty (NZ), a sour raspberry IPA with added lactose.

South Australian Craft Beer News

Pikes: Pikes are after a whole range of different staff for their new visitors centre in the Clare Valley. The centre will host a restaurant where punters can drink Pikes beers or wines. Contact them directly or check out Seek for their ads.

Sparkke: The girls at Sparkke has started a new Pozible campaign. This time to raise money to shout the politicians a beer. The plan is to spread word about their ‘change the date’ message, which aims to change the date of Australia day.

Brewboys: Long term owner Simon Sellick has sold his brewery, after over 10 years of ownership. Speaking to Simon, he said “I haven’t had a holiday in 8 years.” He has no real plans for what his future holds but instead he flew straight to WA to visit some friends. The new owners are not new to the brewing scene, as Dan has been working with Simon since day one, helping out on the bottling line and around the brewhouse.

Rehn: Brenton Rehn in the Barossa Valley is reluctantly selling his brand new brewery. According to their social media pages, Brenton has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and will now sell his brewery. To find out details on the sale, visit Rehn Bier’s Facebook page.

Prancing Pony: The Ponies have a new brewer who has jumped on board. Kai Cook, formally of Vale Brewing and Fox Hat has made the move from the Vale to the Hills.

Forktree: Ben and his brewery seems to be getting a mention every issue at the moment, with their brewery moving along nicely. He now has his frame up for his brewery room and the carpark and beer garden is taking shape too.

Left Barrel: While we are on new venues, Brad too is working hard to get his taproom up and running as soon as possible . His cool room is up and running and the frame for his bar is up.

Swell: For the third and final brewery progress update, we move to McLaren Vale, where Dan Wright has his building framing up also. For progress updates for all three of these breweries, follow their social media accounts.

Clare Valley: Clare Valley has officially opened their cellar door, partnering up with their sister wine label, Jeanneret Wines. They now have five taps and takeaways available. The deck outside is huge and big wooden windows open out to some greenery of the garden.

Pirate Life: Some new whiskey barrels have landed in Hindmarsh, coming in from Great Southern Distilling Co from Western Australia. We wait with bated breath as to what they will be filled with.

Sweet Amber: Sweet Amber’s beer is now available outside the brewery via 1 or 2 Litre ‘Roadies’. They are being distributed through Ghost Wines’ website and there are some pretty sweet deals going on at the moment.

Holgate: Not technically a South Australian company, however, Holgate have a new representative in town, so look out for more Holgate in bottle shops and on taps soon. He can be contacted at sam@holgatebrewhouse.com

Ed Castle: The Ed Castle Hotel is for sale. The inner city pub with a cracking beer garden, has gone on the market.


As mentioned earlier, there has been a little while between posts and there is a lot going on in SA. May is set to be an even busier time, especially if you are heading over to Melbourne for Good Beer Week. I will fly over on the Thursday of the second week, so if anyone is around and keen for a beer, hit me up on my social media.

If you have any news, events or general shenanigans about the SA craft beer industry, please send through an email, thecraftbeerking@gmail.com. Cheers.

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