Super Stout Sunday: An Analysis


Good Beer Wheaty is over for another year and I was stoked to be invited to host a competitive blind tasting. These sort of events are always a blast and great for comparing a similar style side by side. With stout, there is quite a few different varieties, with subtle and not so subtle differences between them. The side by side nature of a blind tasting allows the drinker to recognise some of these differences somewhat. Be it some creaminess from oats in an oatmeal stout, fruity esters in a tropical stout or the bitter hop presence in an American style. Roast, chocolate and coffee features heavily in most stout styles, either from extra additions of coffee and chocolate or from the extraction of flavours from the grains.

During Super Stout Sunday, attendees tasted a total of 8 different stouts and rated them along the way out of 10. The stouts were rated via a blind tasting and drinkers voted at the end of the session on their favourite. Before the beers came out, the participants were asked to write down their top five SA stouts.

Attendees Top 5 Favourite Stouts BEFORE the Tasting:

  1. Coopers Foreign Extra
  2. Wheaty Brewing Corps Wheaty-Bix
  3. Brewboys Ace of Spades
  4. Lobethal Bierhaus Chocolate Oatmeal
  5. Mismatch Chocolate Stout
  6. Fox Hat Phat Mongrel
  7. Little Bang Breakfast at Stepney
  8. Big Shed Golden Stout Time

After a short introductory spiel about stout and a run down from Jade about what makes a great stout, the beer flowed. They were poured in this order:

  1. Clare Valley Stout
  2. Wheaty Brewing Wheaty-Bix
  3. Barossa Valley Chocolate Coffee Stout
  4. Robe Town Shipwreck Stout
  5. Sweet Amber Coffee Imperial Stout
  6. Prancing Pony Magic Carpet Ride Imperial Stout
  7. Fox Hat Phat Mongrel Stout
  8. Big Shed Golden Stout Time

I thank all these companies for supporting this event and their continued support. These stouts were chosen, via an email that I sent out asking for companies wanting to be involved and these eight were the first to respond however, they were not the only to respond. Again, I am very grateful for the extended support of all the breweries in SA.

Fun Facts: There were 29 attendees

  • 19 drinkers rated one of their top 5 SA stouts at below 8/10.
  • 18 drinkers had 5 favourite SA stouts, 13/29 could think of 4 or less.
  • 13 enjoyed the booziest of stouts, rating it highly, which was an Imperial at 9 percent. Whereas 9 preferred one of our lower percentage alcohol beers.
  • Over half of the crowd (15), enjoyed both of the coffee stouts, with 25 people voting highly for at least one of the coffee stouts.
  • Two 10s were given for the Barossa Valley Chocolate Coffee Stout and the Prancing Pony Imperial Stout. 25 9s were awarded, meanwhile there were 71 8s given and 74 7s.


For this analysis, there will be two sets of results. Firstly, I have added up all the scores for each beer and divided the total amongst how many scoring sheets were handed in. Secondly, the attendees voted via my website and were allowed to choose their one best beer from the day.

Firstly, after adding the total scores and averaging their results.

  1. Sweet Amber Brewing Imperial Coffee Stout. Averaging 7.931/10
  2. Barossa Valley Chocolate Coffee Stout. Averaging 7.706/10
  3. Prancing Pony Magic Carpet Ride Imperial Stout. Averaging 7.482/10
  4. Fox Hat Phat Mongrel Oatmeal Stout. Averaging 7.482/10

The second set of results were collected on the day, when the audience was asked to pick their one best beer. There was a tie for first.

  1. Barossa Valley Brewing and Sweet Amber Brewing
  2. Fox Hat Phat Mongrel
  3. Prancing Pony Magic Carpet Ride.

Obviously, everyone has their own personal tastes and want different flavours in their stouts. Again, I thank all the brewing companies involved for your continuing support and of course Jade and the Wheaty crew for allowing me to be a part of Good Beer Wheaty. It is such a brilliant event, that brings some brilliant brewers to town and showcases some super solid beers. As the weather continues to cool, the more stout will feature in my drinking hand.


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