What’s Happening in SA: Issue #10




Again, another big lull between editions due to the craziness that is life. Winter has swept in and that means all the winter releases and darker beers enter the fray. There is also some Beer and BBQ news and first time release beers coming out and a few new breweries to add to the directory. As we add a few new companies to the list, a few have faded off also, as I haven’t heard about them in over a year.

Remember, if you have something that you think fits the parameters of this newsletter style post, please email the details through to me at thecraftbeerking@gmail.com. Let’s begin.


All SA craft beer events can be accessed via the events page for more details however, here is a simple run down of some events coming up. In order of date.

Ark Beer and Cider Festival @ Arkaba Hotel

Wildflower on Tap @ Wheatsheaf Hotel

Uraidla Official Launch @ Uraidla Brewery

Abbey Collaby #8 @ West Thebby Social

South Coast Brewing Launch @ South Coast Brewery

Bootleg BBQ Competition @ Little Bang

Beer and BBQ Festival @ Wayville Showgrounds

Barossa Valley Beer and Cider Festival @ Angaston

 Beer and BBQ: Just over two weeks left until Adelaide’s biggest beer festival at Wayville and looking at the lineup, it is going be great fun again.  I will be on stage again this year, with three sessions on Saturday and one on Sunday. On Saturday, I am hosting a stale beer Vs fresh beer tasting and talking about the difference. Also on the Saturday will be the first half of the ‘Brewer’s Heptathlon’, seven mini challenges pitting two interstate brewers against two SA brewers (this will also be my Sunday session). And finally, I will ask a panel of brewers and brewery owners on stage to talk about one of the hottest topics at the moment, independence. I am currently hosting a competition on my Facebook page to give away tickets. The competition closes on the 22 June. 

New Beers: 

Shifty Lizard: The Shifty Lizard crew have added a session ale to their lineup, aptly named ‘Sesh’n Ale’ registering at 4.2 percent.

Mismatch: Two new beers since last edition, with Evil Archies Red IPA back in stock and tasting super hoppy and their Chocolate stout is also out in cans ready for winter.

Western Ridge: The Barossa guys have been dropping some new beer taunts that will be ready in time for the Beer and BBQ festival. One of those beers is called Kaiser Gözege which according to their social media page, is a “hybrid strong dark ale wheat sour thingy.” A Californian Common called Jorgé has also been released along with the next ‘Yet Another F*****g Pale Ale, this time using Topaz, Pride and Summer hops. To add just one more to the mix, it seems a stout is also in tank ready to warm up the crowd.

Clare Valley: Three new beer announcements from the Clare Valley team. A coffee lager and a blackberry porter that can be found around the traps pouring now and a guava Berliner Weisse that was brewed in collaboration with WA’s Boston Brewing, that will pour at Beer and BBQ.

Uraidla: Four core range beers have now made an appearance at Uraidla Brewery and now they are brewing on their own kit, we can expect to see a bit of variety in the future. The Half Moon session ale, Third Eye pale ale, Old Ones IPA and Shaman’s Cure stout round out their range.

Woolshed: If you have been following Woolshed’s social media, you would have seen three fermenters all filled with dark beer. Judas the Dark, Firehouse Coffee Stout and the big brother, the Bunyip Riverland Imperial stout that has just been released for another year.

Big Shed: Talking about stouts, Big Shed have launched their new Coffee Russian Imperial Stout name ‘Shirt Front’. This one will grow hairs on your chest, with huge coffee aromas, that most definitely follow through into the flavour.

Vale: And while we are on coffee beers, Vale have a super limited run of their Coffee Porter out and about. With 5 shots of coffee in every beer, this one will keep you awake for days.

Goodieson: The McLaren Vale brewery has also been working with coffee, adding it to a stout and they have also released a barrel aged stout in bottles.

Lobethal: It seems Al Turnbul and the team from Lobethal have perfected their version of a gluten free beer and from all reports, they have done a top job.

Smiling Samoyed: Not technically new beers but Smiling Samoyed have new batches of Poppet, Baby Brain and Shamouti stout brewing away, while they have a new saison on tap now at the brewery.

Sweet Amber: The Regency Park based brewery has teased social media pages with a look at a nice golden double IPA that is in tank now.

GABS Beers: A few GABS beers have made it into package and are still floating around. With Big Shed’s win, they have re-brewed their Boozy Fruit and it is set to be put into pack when it is ready. The Wheaty, Liberty, Hawkers collaboration has been canned in a nice bright pink can and is available at most good bottle shops. Barossa Valley’s Vitamin beer has also been canned and is in stores now, while Beer Garden’s Oyster stout has been put into 915 bottles. Prancing Pony’s NEIPA has been bottled, as too has Pikes’ Hazelnut Porter complete with limited edition labelling.

South Australian Craft Beer News

Little Bang: Two new cans for the Stepney based brewery, with the Pinkening and Breakfast at Stepney now on shelves.

Left Barrel: Brad Bown’s Adelaide Hills based brewery has swung open its doors with an outstanding reception. He celebrated the opening by shouting punters who signed up to his newsletter, a free schooner and he also canned some of his Amber for the event.

Big Shed: Big news for the Big Shed crew, taking out the coveted GABS people’s choice award for their ice block inspired beer Boozy Fruits. It is a first for a South Australian brewery with previous winners being, Yeasty Boys (NZ), Bacchus (QLD), La Sirene (Vic) and Brewcult (Vic). Congratulations go out to Craig, Jason and all the Big Shed team.

Pirate Life: The Pirate’s social media is starting to send out a few pics of their new venue and the progress behind that. They have also had a delivery of five new huge tanks, that are now housed outside their South Road brewery.

South Coast: A new brewery is set to launch in Willunga on the 23 June, which is a ticketed event. South Coast are also currently running a crowd funding campaign to be able to package their product, more information is on their Facebook page.

Clare Valley: Along with the new beers from the Clare Valley, their XPA and Red IPA have been given the tinnie treatment. This is an ongoing idea that will see new batches released regularly.

Smiling Samoyed: Not exactly beer related news but the Smiling Samoyed’s prize puppy, Hoppy, has just won the Brewery Dog of the Year award.

Independent Seal: Following the lead from America, Australia’s independent beer association has introduced an indie seal that will be display on all independent craft beer products in the future.

Victor’s Place: Another new brewery to add to the directory, Victor’s Place is a brewery, winery and kitchen location on Victor Harbour road near McLaren Vale. It is not quite open yet but it seems they haven’t skimped on their brewing kit, bringing in an all Spark line up.

Bridge Road: Not a SA brewing company but Bridge Road has a new sales representative in South Australia.

Lady Burra: Announced during the week, Lady Burra will start brewing out of the new Boiler House in the Tonsley Innovation District. This will allow the city based brewery to ramp up its production and potentially spread their beers into more venues.

Hopefully I haven’t missed anything and as you can see, even though it is cold and miserable outside, the craft beer industry will not be stopped. Heaps going on again, until next edition, cheers.

If you have any news, events or general shenanigans about the SA craft beer industry, please send through an email, thecraftbeerking@gmail.com. Cheers.

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