What’s Happening in SA: Issue #11


Who said South Australia is sleepy in the colder months? Because they would be incredibly wrong. We have just added another four new breweries to the directory, have a plethora of new beers and some new events to show you. Since the last issue, Adelaide Beer and BBQ Festival has come and gone with another bumper crowd and I have been chilling out on a Woolshed Brewery house boat on the Murray. I will share a snapshot of that experience in this post, so let’s get to it.

Remember, if you have something that you think fits the parameters of this newsletter style post, please email the details through to me at thecraftbeerking@gmail.com. Let’s begin.


All SA craft beer events can be accessed via the events page for more details however, here is a simple run down of some events coming up. In order of date.

Bridge Road Hop Series Launch @ Lindes Lane

International IPA Day @ Gilbert Street Hotel

5th Brewversary @ Smiling Samoyed

Brewery Tour @ Smiling Samoyed

Memestout Tap Take Over @ West Thebby Social

Captain Redbeard’s Launch @ Beer Garden Brewery

Launch of Festive Nature @ Smiling Samoyed

Adelaide Hills Oktoberfest @ Prancing Pony

Barossa Valley Beer and Cider Fest @ Barossa  

New Beers:

Little Bang: Dark Arts is a new dark chocolate stout brewed in collaboration with the state theatre company. Unfortunately there isn’t much left so you may need to be quick, last I heard, it was pouring at their cellar door.

One Barrel: One Barrel brewing launched at Beer and BBQ Festival this year with no less than 18 different beers. There are too many to list on here but their website has all the information www.onebarrelbrewing.com.au/beers.

Libation:  Marco, head brewer at Libation Army encourages us to jump on the love train with his new soulful porter which can be found in bottles around the place.

Coopers: This Tuesday night sees the launch of the 2018 Coopers Vintage. Unlike other years, there hasn’t been much information released about this year’s version so all will be revealed during the week.

Pirate Life: The Pirate crew have released an imperial stout that was first pouring at ABBF and also a dark ale that is hitting taps now.

Adelaide Beer and BBQ New Beers: There was a tirade of new beers released by South Australian companies for this festival and I am going to attempt to remember them all. Mismatch teamed up with Brewdog to release a super clean pils with native ingredients such as green ants, lemon myrtle and strawberry gum. Clare Valley teamed up with Western Australian brewers Boston Brewing, brewing up a guava Berliner Weisse. Brad from Left Barrel had a Norwegian Farmhouse NEIPA on tap alongside a few collaboration beers he made with One Barrel. Prancing Pony came to the festival with no less than three new beers, all brewed by their junior brewers, The Imposter IPA, Black Polaris Black IPA and an XPA. Sparkke was channeling chai milkshake with their festival beer, the Dirty Floozy was a chai latte stout. Woolshed and Watsacowie teamed up to make an interesting concoction named Sour Cowie Cola Candy Shandy. They used numerous spices to try and create a cola tasting beer and they pulled it off pretty damn well. I am sorry if I missed any but that weekend was crazy busy for me.

South Australian Craft Beer News

As mentioned earlier, four new brewing companies have been added to the directory. Thug Life, Simple Brew Co, One Barrel and Toy Solider have all launched recently.

Thug Life: These guys launched their label and first offerings at the Keg and Barrel at Port Noarlunga. Mafia King NEIPA, Ginger has Soul Ginger Beer and the Blonde Thug Blonde Ale have all been canned and are popping up in bottle shops now. They are currently contract brewing their beers.

One Barrel: Earlier we mentioned that One Barrel launched at ABBF with 18 beers. Mark is a Barossa guy who is brewing in his back shed in 100 L batches.

Simple: Seven friends who regularly catch up to sink some beers have formed Simple Brew Co. They are currently contract brewing their first beer, an easy drinking pale. Their beers are starting to spread around but at the moment are largely being sold in the Henley Beach area.

Toy Solider: Another new label that launched at ABBF with their single hop Galaxy pale ale. Another contract brewing company, who are looking to put a few new products into the wild soon.

Western Ridge:  The Barossa foursome have just become a fivesome (that is definitely a word), with David Work joining the group. While we are with Western Ridge, they are currently running a Pozible campaign to help them with their label approvals and bottling equipment. There is still some great rewards on offer and you can find the page here. I took the opportunity to purchase a collaboration brew day where I will be able to brew one of my own recipes and host a launch party.

South Coast: While we are on Pozible campaigns, South Coast are also holding one, with only a few hours left to pledge. Again, here is the link for you to support the Willunga guys.

Cry Baby: A new crafty venue has opened in Adelaide’s CBD. A dive bar that looks to have about six good taps on rotation.

Pirate Life: The very popular Mosaic IPA has been given a tinny revamp, with the beer being sealed into 355ml cans as well as remaining in the 500ml can.

Little Bang: While we are on to cans, the Little Bang crew have just canned up their 2018 Galactopus and their IRA (India Red Ale). This joins their Breakfast at Stepney, the Pinkening, Icon and Naked Objector that can be found in tinny form.

Coopers:  After the success of the their Session Ale in a can, Coopers have packaged up their famous pale ale, which will now see Dr Tims phased out.

Left Barrel: One more canning, with Left Barrel packaging up their most popular beer ‘Bob’s Ya Dunkel’.

Smallbeer.com: Local beer shop website Small Beer is for sale. A site that was known for offering fresh beer in subscription packs, can be purchased alongside the business. You can contact the owner here.

Smiling Samoyed: As well as their birthday celebrations that are coming up, the Samoyeds have teamed up with Migration Brewing from Portland. That beer will be out closer to September.

Goodieson: After going into winter hibernation, the Goodieson cellar door is back open with a few fresh repairs.

Swell: Some real progress can now be seen on the Swell Brewing site in McLaren Vale. The main concrete slab has now been poured, so hopefully the rest won’t take long to put together for Dan and his crew.

Forktree: While we are on progress stories, Ben has been continuing to work hard on his new brewery, with an entrance ramp and bar going in. The carpark is also underway and he has just brew a new batch of beer out of Smiling Samoyed. Another one we can’t wait to open.

State Home Brew Comp: The annual state home brew comp (SABSOSA) is only four weeks away, with entries closing on Friday 24th August. This year the motto ‘just have a go’, has been adopted, encouraging everyone to enter a beer, even if it is just to get some feedback on how to improve. It only costs $5 per entry and if you can snag a win, your beer will be eligible for the national home brew awards. I, personally, have learnt heaps about brewing from entering in my beers over the years and have enter another four of mine this year. For more information, check out this site.

Woolshed: As mentioned earlier, I spent four nights on a Woolshed Brewery houseboat recently. This was one of the best holidays I have had for a very long time. It was incredibly relaxing, with a perfect mix of outside camping and luxurious living. Having a 19L keg of beer on tap just adds to the experience. A general day consisted of, pushing off around 10am, cruising down the Murray for about an hour until we found a nice flat mooring spot. Once tied off, we collected some fire wood and organised some lunch, with a beer in hand of course. As the sun faded over the horizon, the fish started to bite so we threw a line in the water, with a little bit of success. A short explore of the local area saw quite a few interesting bits of flora and fauna, including a big brown snake that had its head ripped off. By about 4pm, the fire was blaring on the bank, while we watched the pelicans cruise by. Then we ventured back inside where we cooked dinner and chilled by the TV or played a few card games. It was a brilliant experience and the Woolshed Brewery crew were unbelievably helpful and friendly.

As I hit ‘publish’ on this post, I am sure I will receive a few emails with items that I have missed. Moving into spring, the South Australian scene is going to go from a gentle buzz to an electric hum of fun and excitement. If I did miss something, please get in contact and I will add it in.

If you have any news, events or general shenanigans about the SA craft beer industry, please send through an email, thecraftbeerking@gmail.com. Cheers.

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