What’s Happening in SA: Issue #12



There is never a dull moment here in SA and in this month’s issue, we have tons of beer events (especially around Father’s Day), four new breweries added to the directory and a stellar line up of new beers. In case you missed the post, Haaaaaave You Met is back for a second showing. This time we are showcasing all the new faces in the industry and started with Marco from Libation Army, which you can have a look at here. If you have someone that you think should be featured, please feel free to send me an email.

Remember, if you have something that you think fits the parameters of this newsletter style post, please email the details through to me at thecraftbeerking@gmail.com. Let’s begin.


All SA craft beer events can be accessed via the events page for more details however, here is a simple run down of some events coming up. In order of date.

Little Bang Trivia Thursday @ Little Bang

Farma Karma @ Morphett Arms

Beer and Steak Heads @ The Hackney

Simply Red Beer Month (September) @ The King’s Head

Sours of Spring @ Gilbert Hotel

Barossa Showcase @ Steins Taphouse

Father’s Day @ Gilbert Hotel

Father’s Day @ Little Bang

Father’s Day Beers and Burgers @ Barossa Valley Brewing

Father’s Day Beer and Pizza @ Left Barrel

Festival of Nature @ Smiling Samoyed

Meet the Brewers @ Smiling Samoyed

Good Company @ Big Shed

Moon Dog Showcase @ Sweet Amber Café

Project Ale Launch @ Steel United Soccer

Homebrew Comp @ Sweet Amber Brewery

Oktoberfest @ Prancing Pony

Ferment the Festival @ East Terrace

Barossa Beer and Cider Festival @ Angaston

Beer and Bubbles @ Vardon Ave

South Australian Craft Beer News

Little Bang: After originally not being able to keep up to demand whilst brewing in their garage, the Little Bang guys have struck a similar problem but this time they have run out of space. Hence the move around the corner to a much larger industrial shed. I wrote a story for the Crafty Pint about it that you can read here.

Simple: The seven guys from Simple Brew Co made quick work of selling their first batch of Pale Ale. Their second is now out and about in the wild, with just a few recipe tweaks from the first batch.

Prancing Pony: The Prancing Pony crew are reaching into their pockets and supplying up to 70 karma kegs to support drought relief. Quite a few venue got on board with this initiative.

Western Ridge: More beer from Western Ridge will soon be seen around after conquering a successful Pozible campaign, raising just over $8000.

Smiling and Clare: The head brewer from Portland based brewing company, Migration, is in town collaborating with both Smiling Samoyed and Clare Valley. He will talk at a beer tourism forum on Monday 3rd September at Coopers alongside Kate from Smiling and a host of others.

Wheaty: More tanks are currently being moved into the Wheatsheaf Hotel, with the addition of a ‘Fermentation Alley’ out the back in a brand new shed.

Project Ale:  A new label will launch this month in Whyalla, called Project Ale. They are currently brewing on a 200L system that they built. The launch party will be hosted at the Steel United Soccer Club and by the looks of their social media, they have plans to bottle some of their products.

Toy Solider: Following on from the trend of selling their first batch quickly, Toy Solider too have whipped up their second batch and it is selling now.

Victor’s Place: A new venue opened last weekend in old Noarlunga, which includes beer, wine and a kitchen. They have room for six beers on tap and are already pouring a saison, pale ale, ESB, stout and an IPA. Takeaway beer is also available via one of only two crowler machines in SA.

Pikes: More tanks have rolled into the Clare Valley brewery, which required a bit of a re-shuffle in order to fit them in.

Watsacowie: Beers from Watsacowie are now surfacing regularly in Adelaide, in keg, bottle and now in cans.

Left Barrel: As well as helping Little Bang out with their new venue build, Brad from Left barrel has time to bring in some new bourbon barrels for himself and add in a 7th tap at his tap house in Balhannah.

Suburban: Launching in 2017 with a Black IPA, an ESB and a tropical Pale Ale, Suburban had a small break over the winter. Tony is now back, brewing a beer via contract at the Clare Valley Brewing Company. It looks like the ESB will be back on our shelves soon.

Kenny: Another new label that has now been added to the brewery directory is Kenny. Adelaide Crows player, Rory Atkins, is the man behind the label launching with his Session ale. This beer is brewed out of Big Shed and is named after Rory’s dad, who loves a good beer according to Rory.

Crazy Bastards: Another new SA based company was granted their license just last week. Crazy Bastards is brewed via contract out of Sydney.

SK Beverages: While we are on new labels, Stu from SK Beverages put down his first batch of Blonde ale this week, making use of the TAFE’s brew kit. Another new beer for South Australia.

Big Shed: Boozy Fruit is still going absolutely nuts around Australia and currently, more than half of their tanks are full of the stuff, trying to pump out enough to satisfy the masses. The Big Shed lads are also upscaling, building a bigger brewery and because of this, need a new sales rep. The successful candidate will need to have a love of good beer, sales experience amongst a few other skills. To apply, send a resume and cover letter to work@bigshed.beer before September 14th.

Pirate Life: Equipment has started to move into the Pirate’s new brewery at Port Adelaide. Their brew house platform is up and is looking massive, as well as some sweet graffiti style artwork and a few tanks.

Mismatch: Lot 100, Mismatch’s new venue is showing more progress daily, with the main shed now up. To follow on the progress of this project, search up lotonehundred on Instagram.

New Beers:

Clare Valley: Just before Adelaide Beer and BBQ Festival, the Clare Valley boys jumped on a plane to collaborate with Denmark’s (WA) Boston Brewing. They concocted a Guava Berliner Weisse that tasted like sherbet, in my opinion. On the return trip, Boston Brewing venture to the Clare brewery and knocked up a Russian Imperial Stout. A stout with a full, thick mouthfeel that taste very similar to a chocolate milkshake.

Kenny: New kid on the block, Kenny Brewing, has launched with a super easy drinking session ale. Very light in colour, easy hop presence and a super smashable beer. You will be seeing these around everywhere very soon.

Pirate Life: As a part of their ‘Unfazed With the Haze’ tour, Pirate Life have launch several new beers, with two of them being canned and sticking around. Featuring on the tour is, ‘Big Red’ an Imperial Red Ale, ‘Little Red’ an amber, ‘Black and Blue’ which is a Tomfoolery barrel aged imperial stout and a Nitro Coffee stout. The new cans continue on the IPA train with a Black IPA and a New Holland IPA called ‘Unfazed With the Haze’.

Beer Garden: Celebrations are in order for the Beer Garden crew, after winning the best IPA at the Royal Adelaide Beer and Ciders awards. What do you do to celebrate? Brew a double IPA, called Captain Redbeard’s Aye Aye PA.

Little Bang: Little Bang’s new NEIPA recipe is out and about in the wild now, as they changed up the hop schedule in their ‘Undercover Fashion Police’. Even more excitingly, East End Draught has surfaced at the new Stag Public House.  The South Australian icon, West End Draught, is no longer the talk of the town, as this lager waltzes in and steals the show.

Thug Life: This label only launched just the other month and already they have hit the shelves with a new Blonde, a Dark Ale and a Raspberry Thing (the actual name), both pouring at the Keg and Barrel Steak House.

Western Ridge: These lads have hit Adelaide hard with several new beers, mostly in keg and small batch form. The first is their ‘Meme Stout: All the Good Names are Taken’, which was served recently with several version of coffee and straight up. Look out for the latest version of their 20K beer, sourcing all their ingredient within 20km of their brewery.

Pikes: A very small batch of mandarin Berliner Weisse has hit the taps at their cellar door, I am sure that if it is well received, they will make again. Being released in their new fish scale, limited release bottles is a fresh IIPA, sitting at 8.1 percent ABV.

Left Barrel: Two new porters have hit the taps at Left Barrel, Jabba the Robust Porter and Jabba the Norwegian Porter.

Uraidla: Continuing on the dark theme, the Hills based Uraidla have too churned out a porter for the final days of cold.

Molly Rose: When Nic launched his label, he decided to do things a little differently, asking for subscribers to his Foundation Series. Three beers were sent out shortly after signing up, with the remaining coming when they were tasting great out of barrel. Those beers arrived on doorsteps this week, alongside three others (if you elected to upgrade; I did). A sour coffee, two different saisons, a golden ale with honey, a wild dark ale and a barrel aged barley wine were the beers that were released.

Four new breweries added to the directory and a ton of new beers, makes for a busy month in the SA beer scene. With the change of seasons, expect a few more Spring releases coming out and a few more beer festival event coming up.

If you have any news, events or general shenanigans about the SA craft beer industry, please send through an email, thecraftbeerking@gmail.com. Cheers.

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