Haaaaaave You Met……Simple Brew Co?


Chances are, you haven’t quite met all the Simple Brew Co crew just yet, mainly because there are seven of them. These guys come from a variety different backgrounds, with jobs in the health and fitness and fire fighting sectors just to name a few. Their philosophy is simple, they just want to make quality beer that is approachable and simple. A pale ale is their first offering and batch one has already sold out, with batch two now making the rounds. They have quite a few stockists in SA and they can be found on their website here. Introducing one of the newest labels in South Australia, Simple Brew Co.

Q1. Who are you and how are you involved in the SA beer industry?

We’re 7 mates all from diverse backgrounds with the same passion for beer. However our taste in beer differs so we decided to try simplify things and create a beer that we all enjoy. This resulted in our first child, our Pale, being brewed out of Big Shed Brewing Concern.

Q2. What are some of the great moments you have had whilst being involved in this industry?

Our first bottling day was one of the most memorable. Froth levels were high, being able to try our final product for the first time.

It’s also been great meeting others in the industry at events such as Beer and BBQ Fest. Everyone has been very approachable and welcoming.

Q3. How have you seen the industry grow and what do you think are some trends for the future?

We all remember when we were in our late teens, the selection of beers were very minimal, with craft beers only found at selected cellars, now they are everywhere. It’s great to see and fantastic for us as consumers. There has been an obvious recent trend towards very different beers, sours, cloudy IPA’s etc, however we feel the best beers are the ones that will stand up over time, so we are concentrating on making solid, approachable beer and not overcomplicating things.

Q4. Beer contains a ton of calories, what do you do to keep the beer gut at bay?

Besides Pilates (bending down to grab another beer from the fridge) and long distance walking (walking to the fridge to do our pilates) most of us our keen surfers and generally pretty active through our day jobs.

Q5. What was your epiphany beer that set you on your crafty way?

We all have slightly different tastes so probably all have different epiphany beers. However. we all have a love for hopped up ale’s, so probably something along those lines.

Q6. Do you have any exciting news you can share with me? Maybe about future plans, collaborations or anything new?

Our initial plans are to build a core range of beers over the coming year or so. We are currently trialling a West Coast IPA and have toyed around with a session ale and golden ale previously. Our end goal is to open up a Simple Brew Co taphouse somewhere in SA.

Q7. We are all friends here in South Australia, so who would you like to collaborate with next and what would you make?

Obviously being under big shed’s roof it would be awesome to do a collaboration with them, they are brewing some pretty amazing beers and are great to work with. We haven’t really thought that far ahead at this point but we definitely want to do something with a big whack of booze and hops.

Q8. Some brewers stick religiously to the style guide lines when brewing a beer, others throw that book out the window. If you were to create your own style, what would it be like?

Aroma: Aromas of tropical fruit

Appearance: Light in colour with a slight haze

Flavour: Biscuity with a mild tropical fruit bitterness

Overall Impression: Tastes like sitting on the beach in the Bahamas

Q9. What is your favourite season for beer drinking? Why?

For the majority of us this would be summer. We all live and breathe the beach, so spending days drinking a cold summer froth in the water with our mates is what we’re all about.

Q10. If you could choose any profession, what would it be? Why?

Running a Brew Pub, this has been a dream for a few of us, hopefully one day, if Simple Brew Co takes off!

I am definitely excited in the fact that there are so many new companies that have plans to open tap houses in the future. They may need to think about re-locating their fridge a little closer to their drinking area though, a long walk to the fridge surely isn’t fun. Thanks heaps guys for introducing yourselves, I look forward to trying your second batch and your new recipes. Cheers.

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