Haaaaaave You Met……Adam Stuckey


Who has met Adam Stuckey? SA and NT beer representative for Moon Dog. Adam fits the Moon Dog mold perfectly, with his quirky tasting adverts (as seen above) and fun personality. Stuckey has been around the South Australian beer scene for quite a while now, working at Prancing Pony, Sturt Street Cellars and Palais on Hawker just to name a few. Moon Dog beers are literally everywhere now in SA and Adam has a few event ideas that he will put into action in the not too distance future.

Q1. Who are you and how are you involved in the SA beer industry?

Adam Stuckey, SA & NT sales rep for Moon Dog Brewery

Q2. What are some of the great moments you have had whilst being involved in this industry?

 In my first few weeks of becoming a sales rep I met a lot of the other reps for other breweries on the road. Every single person was warm, welcoming and kind. It was such a wonderful way to kick off the role and was wonderful to know the industry wants to support each other so much.

My other highlight would be anytime I hear that our beer has brought another person into craft beer.

 Q3. How have you seen the industry grow and what do you think are some trends for the future?

 The industry like a lot of other consumable products is changing as more and more people put more thought into what they consume. Whether that’s for health, financial or philosophical reasons, there is a lot of thought and consideration that gets placed into things like beer. Which is why we see more and more people considering the ingredients in a beer, who owns the brewery, where it’s brewed, where it is sold, who sells it, how much it costs, is the brewery’s ethics inline with the customer’s as well as whether they enjoy drinking it.

Trends for the future, I love the concept of barrel aged beers, bourbon barrel aged stouts are an obvious favourite of many. But we are starting to see a large variety of barrels (red wine, white wine, sherry, tequila, cognac, rum and gin) used with a larger variety of beer styles. As craft drinkers are often interested in beer made by local producers it makes perfect sense for local breweries to team up with local wineries and distilleries like we witnessed with Pirate Life and Tomfoolery teaming up a few times and some of the releases we’ve seen from Pikes. I think South Australia is a perfect market for these sorts of collaborations to occur frequently.

 Q4. Beer contains a ton of calories, what do you do to keep the beer gut at bay?

 It’s an ongoing war! At this point I’m losing!

 Q5. What was your epiphany beer that set you on your crafty way?

 I’ve had several! They generally reset my mind as to what beer can be and I hope I have many more!

It all really started when I moved on to the interesting Belgian styles out there and that really reset what beer could be to me. Saisons, dubbels and lambics really opened the flood gates as to what beer can be.

Feral Hop Hog, this would be one of my first ever hop heavy beers and really gave me an understanding on what hops can do to a beer and how they play such a massive role in the process.

Brooklyn Wild Streak, this would probably be my biggest epiphany beer! Belgian quad aged in bourbon barrels and bottled with brett. This beer blew my mind and again highlighted where beer could go and convinced me that this industry is certainly something I needed to be a part of.

Q6. Do you have any exciting news you can share with me? Maybe about future plans, collaborations or anything new?

There is always something new brewing at Moon Dog! Always!

We’ve got a new version of Splice of Heaven coming for Summer, our Jumping the Shark release is coming soon and 2019 has some massive news for the brewery coming! So, stay tuned!

 Q7. We are all friends here in South Australia, so who would you like to collaborate with next and what would you make?

 I’d love to Moon Dog brew a beer with a brewery the size of Coopers!

Q8. Some brewers stick religiously to the style guide lines when brewing a beer, others throw that book out the window. If you were create your own style, what would it be like?

Every time I think of something new it turns out the guys at the brewery have already done it!

I love the concept of table beers. So, a hoppy twist on that would be fun to share.

Aroma: Citrusy from heavier hop bill, esters from saison style yeast.

Appearance: Light in colour with a cloudiness (not a New England!)

Flavour: Hoppy stone fruits and citrus balance with chardonnay like estery yeast to create stone fruits and melons.

Overall Impression: Served in a large format bottle, 1.5L magnum (why not?) this beer would be a wonderful centre piece on a big long table for Chrissy day.

 Q9. What is your favourite season for beer drinking? Why?

 Soccer season, it’s always Soccer season somewhere!

 Q10. If you could choose any profession, what would it be? Why?

I chose this one!

But if I could choose another it would be one that involves travelling to lots of different destinations overseas. I’ve been lucky enough to see a decent chunk of the world but I’m always keen to see more!

It is near impossible to keep up with Moon Dog and all the different beers they put out through the year. They have their own innovation officer whose sole job is to come up with new ideas. Adam is a massive Adelaide United fan, so for his sake, I hope they have a better season than last. Cheers mate.

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