AIBA Awards 2019: SA Summary

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The 2019 Australian International Beer Awards dinner took place on Thursday 16th May in Melbourne. Only a handful of South Australian breweries entered beer into the competition this year, with a number of beers having success across a variety of categories. Here is a brief summary of South Australia’s success and medals. Well done and congratulations to all the medallists.



Port Local Lager- Draught

Mismatch Session Ale

Vale Tropic Ale

Pirate Life Pale

Pirate Life Mosaic

Pirate Life IPA

Prancing Pony Magic Carpet

Rehn Bier Stout

Coopers Stout

Beer Garden Salty Session

Mismatch Mandarin Berliner

Campus Pink Pig Smoked

Barossa Hop Heaven

Pirate Life IIPA-Packaged

Clare Valley Hazy Mosaic

Mismatch IPA

Prancing Pony XPA

Coopers Dark Ale- Packaged

Mismatch Evil Archies

Lobethal Red Truck Porter

Southwark Stout

Brewboys Ace of Spades

Clare Valley Stout

Pirate Life Stout-Draught

Pirate Life Throwback IPA

PL Limeburners Stout

Barossa Wet Hop NEIPA

Beer Garden Original Sin

Coopers Vintage 2017

Coopers Premium Lager

West End Draught

Prancing Pony Indie Kid

Port Local Lager-Packaged

Coopers Pale

Coopers Sparkling

Pikes Pale

Hobo APA

Mismatch Pale

Pikes Sparkling

Prancing Pony Hopwork APA

Rehn Bier XSB

Sweet Amber Kolsch

Prancing Pony The Piper

Barossa Canis Major


Pirate Life IIPA-Draught

Campus Survivor IPA

Vale IPA

Coopers Dark Ale-Draught

Pikes Stout

Silver Bark Stout

Lobethal Chocolate Stout

Pirate Life Stout-Packaged

Prancing Pony Black Ale

Brewboys Seeing Double

Little Bang Galactopus

Goodiesons BA Xmas Ale

Goodiesons BA Cherry Saison

Goodiesons Choc Stout

Rehn Bier Harvest Ale

Goodiesons Coffee Stout

Labels/Surface Graphics: Mismatch Silver, Left Barrel Brewing Silver, Pikes IIPA Silver, Pirate Life Limeburners Whiskey Stout Silver.

Outer Packaging: Mismatch IPA Winner Gold, Mismatch other packaging Silver, Pirate Life Limeburners Whiskey Stout,

Major Trophy Winners:

Champion Australian Beer 4 Pines Schwarzbier
Champion International Beer Firestone Walker Feral One
Champion Large Australian Brewery Balter
Champion Medium Australian Brewery Green Beacon
Champion Small Australian Brewery Blackmans

 You can find the full run down of award winners and medallists here.

Hopefully I didn’t miss any in my search through the results booklet.

As for the media award, Marie Claire Jarratt from the website New South Ales, won the award with her article on Sexism in the beer industry, congratulations.  I received some ‘very useful’ feedback for the articles that I submitted, such as, “you need a stronger and more obvious purpose.” The purpose of this post is to inform people of the success that the South Australian breweries had at the AIBA awards; can’t be more obvious than that. Please excuse me while I go search for a more obvious purpose.


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